Become a Psycho-Producer!

Alright, we interrupt the regularly scheduled 'friends-only' posts to bring you a plea for moneys. This isn't some whiney plea about how I need gas money/rent money/food money or anything like that. I'll take care of my own living expenses, thank you very much. This is a plea for independent film finances. That's right, I'm asking for money to make a movie. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Maybe later.

See, the way I see it, this isn't such a big deal. I'm not asking for millions of dollars, or even thousands of dollars. I'm not even asking for the price of a cup of coffee a day like those cheatin' jerks on TV with their skinny kids. I'm just asking for a little bit of anything you can spare, one time only. For that, you get to become a Psycho-Producer on 'Awake in Madness'. What does THAT mean, I hear you asking in that perplexed, somewhat drunken, voice. Well, I'll tell you, internet-surfing coffee-drinker (what? you don't drink coffee? good, me either. hate the stuff), that means it's all about your name, in big bright lights, shining down upon the masses. In other words, you get credited in the flick. You're name gets tossed into the opening credits, ending credits, on the official website, the movie poster, trailers, (Zombie Jesus willing) IMDb, etc.

Oh, ho! That's all fine and dandy, says the man in the big yellow hat. But is that all?

Is that all? That's not enough? What more do you want? Alright, I'll give ya some more...

How bout a DVD of the finished product you've helped to create? Not some knock off DVD-R with just the movie on it in a papersleeve, heck no! We're talking totally finished product here. All the bells and whistles, and there'll be plenty. Commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, script, trailers, behind-the-scenes, etc. Some fancy cover/disc art to boot! You can proudly display it on your DVD rack and pull it out to show to friends and family, and say (with complete honesty) "I made this!" Y'know, kinda like that annoying brat at the end of all those X-Files episodes.

Is that all?

Is that... You people are really starting to bother me, with all your questions. Is that all? Where's the cream filling? How many roads must a man walk down? The answer is always 42, so just deal with it and be gone! So the credit and the DVD aren't enough? Alright, then, how about my eternal gratitude and undying love? Too creepy? How bout all those times you stroll into the theatre to watch one of those (oh so few) original horror movies that have been released only to find it sucks balls? How bout all those times you've cringed and shaken your fist in anger when you hear that one of those classics you grew up on is going to be remade? How bout a year or so after that, when you actually decide to go see that remake and curse all those joke filmmakers for ruining such a great premise? How bout all those times you shake your head in befuddlement and wonder why there's nothing but watered down PG-13 junk in theatres? How bout all those times you go strolling through Hollywood Video and spot an interesting direct-to-DVD horror flick, rent it, only to find out that it's actually worse then anything their showing in theatres? Well... how about it?

What I'm giving you a chance to do here, boils and ghouls, is help put a stop to all this crap getting shoved down our throats.

Well... alright, that might be a bit much...

What I'm giving you a chance to do here, boils and ghouls, is help keep independent horror alive and with the balls and skill to throw stuff at you that will genuinely keep you interested and entertained. If you're the type who wants to see limitless gore and insanity, this flick is for you. I'm not just giving you the chance to see this flick, I'm giving you the chance to help create it! Everything is lined up, ready to go. The cast is enthusiastically waiting to get started. All we need is the help of a few horror buffs out there to send us their spare change or whatever else they can afford to hand out. Ever given a bum a dollar? Well, this is a much better use of that dollar.


There ya go. Click on the image above and you'll instantly be re-directed to the donation page. There's no minimum amount to donate. So that means for as little as a dollar, you can become a Psycho-Producer. How you like them apples?
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New AiM Banner

Here's a new banner for Awake in Madness I just cranked out. Feel free to snag it and post it on your page, in your message board signature, in journal posts, or wherever really.

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Casting News

Finally, some fresh news for 'AiM'. Currently, I'm up in Louisiana, chilling and working on scripts. Finished three feature length ones so far and about 1/3rd of the way through a fourth. Anyway, been working on getting stuff lined up for 'AiM' while I'm up here so that when I get back to Florida, I can start production as soon as possible. Currently, I've just about filled out the cast, the three major parts anyway. Suicide, Homicide, and Schizoid Mary have all been cast now, officially. Now it's just a matter of getting the budget together, the set built, and the other materials needed. So without further ado, the cast of 'Awake in Madness':
The CastCollapse )
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Awake in Madness

Greetings to all those who somehow found there way here. I'm the writer/director of the film 'Awake in Madness' currently in production here at STEEL Corporation Films. I decided to make a LiveJournal community to go along with the other sites currently lurking around to promote this flick. First off, I'll toss up some information about the film itself.


'Awake in Madness' is an hallucinatory look into the minds of two very
different individuals who succumb to their psychosis in differing ways. The
introvert and the extrovert, Suicide and Homicide. The film shows from their
point of view the things they see themselves doing to themselves and one
another. The 'real world' has very little, if any, bearings in their
perceptions, and slowly their actions become more and more violent with deadly
consequences. Intermittently dispersed between the two girls' hallucinations
are images of a third mysterious girl, one who at first glance seems to be
relishing in the misfortune of the other two. Blood from an unknown source
pours onto her, much to her seeming delight. The degree of deadliness in the
hallucination determines the amount of blood pouring onto this third girl, who
personifies the catalyst for the others' madness. At the moment, she's only
known as Schizophrenia, for what she causes in others around her. All of this
boils into a climax, where Schizophrenia begins to appear in Suicide and
Homicide's hallucinations, trying to stop them with no success. Finally, the
hallucinations become real and leave both of the stricken girls dead with
Schizophrenia the only witness and apparently responsible. She's removed from
the house and placed in a mental asylum, where strange hallucinations start to
infect the staff.

This cast list is incomplete and will be added to as further roles are cast

Rexy Rage: Suicide
: Homicide
Ophelia Pain: Schizoid Mary
Doctor House: Bob Cardone

Likewise, the crew list will probably be added to
Director ................... Indy McDaniel
Writer ..................... Indy McDaniel
Executive Producer ......... Debbe Decker
                             Indy McDaniel
                             Bill Bechtel
Shot & Cut by .......... Indy McDaniel
Props ...................... MonkeyButt's Prop Depot
Music ...................... Bill Bechtel
Awake in Madness Theme by .. Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Set Design ................. Indy McDaniel
                             Bob Cardone
                             Bill Bechtel


Awake in Madness Merchandise
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